Finally, Wedding Photography Workshops as Cool as You Are.

Unique, authentic and creative Wedding Photography Experience where talented photographers from around the world come together to become better artists.

Black Flamingo Wedding Photography Workshops provides you an opportunity to explore your art in new ways, learn what works best for you, and get out there on that incredible journey of discovery!

WELCOME TO Black flamingo

My name is Martina, and I am an original
Black Flamingo.

The black flamingo is one in several million—and perhaps, the only one in the world. Because of melanism, its color is dark and inky, rather than pink.

This rare black flamingo was spotted at a salt lake near Limassol, Cyprus in April of 2015, only two months after I made the same place my first 'home away from home'. 

Coincidence? Maybe, depending on how much you believe in coincidences, but I've rarely missed an opportunity to interpret signs. Having made a good decision to completely change my life, Black Flamingo became a symbol of living every day being true to who I am, what I believe in and how I perceive the world.

Believe in celebrating the happiness and joy of life.

Inspired by love, motivated by light, and encouraged by smiles, Black Flamingo is not just a photography workshop.

Black Flamingo workshops are created specially for you - the one who is unique, the one who feels so deeply, the one who will be unapologetically yourself in search for own path and a place under the sun.

By creating a safe and positive environment, we will come together to become better artists and get inspired to produce meaningful images that reflect the couple's personality and love story.


The world is your playground. 
The camera is your passport.
Curiosity is your currency.
And you are a STORYTELLER.

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Artists always aspire to grow and seek new ways of expression.  This is why we at Black Flamingo want to offer you opportunities that can take your photography and artistic skills to the next level.

Whether you want to learn more about wedding photography business, boost up your portfolio or discover new opportunities, Black Flamingo has something for you. Let's reignite & grow together!



Boost up your portfolio with unique stylised session created with some of the top wedding vendors. 

Styled Shoots


A creative weekends to recharge, connect and support you in your business


This interactive experience is tailored uniquely to you so you'll get exactly what you want (and need) to grow your wedding photography skills.

1:1 Coaching

Photography Retreats